NICA in velonews

According to our Coach Mike, velonews doesn’t even cover mountain biking. Yet, hot off the presses, they have published an insightful article that invites you into the thinking of NICA, established leagues, and, most importantly, student athletes.

Article teasers: North Carolina’s League Director, Mike Long, “NICA is supposed to be epic in personal achievement.”  Remarkably, he notes, “By the end of the season, three kids who had never owned a bicycle or raced prior to the league’s inception wound up on the podium.”  And, a compliment to Williamsburg and the Virginia League, “NICA launches new leagues in places where community support is high, passions run deep, and commitment is paramount.”

Take a look:

Exhausting is Relaxing

Coach Randy took the lead last night and, with the help of Coach Irene and Coach Bryan, these riders hit the trails at Freedom Park.  The woods were filled with the sounds of “Stay hydrated!”  This statement sums up this post-ride photo: I ride because somehow COMPLETELY exhausting my self is the most RELAXING part of my day.  (Anonymous)

2017 Mountain Bike Nationals


IMG_0453Autumn, James, Caleb, and Jewel (from our development team) are heading to Snowshoe, West Virginia for the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships. Our best wishes for safe, fast, and fun racing go with you!  The whole local cycling community is cheering you up those hills, over those rocks, and under the banner of the finish line.

UPDATE from Coach Rick:  Here is a link for photos of the entire week with all disciplines


Free Speed

On Saturday, at York River State Park, Coach Joel did some coaching at the pump track.  He referred to pumping action as “free speed”!  Check out his technique.


Bunny Hop or Donkey Kick?

From Coach Paul….

Great work on skills this season.  Good job working through the heat today.  Four key skills we are working on are:
1.  Attack position
2.  Braking
3.  Turns
4.  Hopping over obstacles
You are all coming along nicely on all of these skills.
The fourth one “Hopping over obstacles” is one of the harder skills, but also one of the skills that will make riding a lot more smooth, fun, and enjoyable.
We are working on doing a small “American Bunny Hop”.  Below are two videos with a slightly different approaches.  Watch both then study the one that resonates with you the most.  Practice…We will go over these skills on Saturday.
Good step by step practice and explanations.
A few key steps to remember

1.  Preload your shock and Explode to lift the front tire off the ground

2.  Scoop to lift the back wheel off the ground (scrape the poop off your shoe)

3.  Push handlebars forward  to clear the obstacle (shrug and roll).
I know many experienced adult riders who cannot bunny hop…but wish they could.  Don’t get discouraged, you’ll get it.
Happy trails,
Coach Paul

Eyes On

Keep an eye on these riders. Their skills and confidence have grown immensely in just one week of practice.  Keep pedaling Josh, Travis (development team), Ben, Carson, and Heather.  We are rooting for you!

Shout Out!

IMG_3921Coach Rick is shouting with the sentiment of all the student-athletes and their families: I also would like to give a shout out to our new coach Irene and her husband Jack. They do not have any kids of their own in the league or on the team . We really appreciate their time and efforts going forward.

July 4th


Before the picnics and the fireworks could begin, Colonial Revolution Composite practiced at New Quarter Park.  Several new faces in the crowd today. Welcome riders and families.  We are glad you are here!