Bunny Hop or Donkey Kick?

From Coach Paul….

Great work on skills this season.  Good job working through the heat today.  Four key skills we are working on are:
1.  Attack position
2.  Braking
3.  Turns
4.  Hopping over obstacles
You are all coming along nicely on all of these skills.
The fourth one “Hopping over obstacles” is one of the harder skills, but also one of the skills that will make riding a lot more smooth, fun, and enjoyable.
We are working on doing a small “American Bunny Hop”.  Below are two videos with a slightly different approaches.  Watch both then study the one that resonates with you the most.  Practice…We will go over these skills on Saturday.
Good step by step practice and explanations.
A few key steps to remember

1.  Preload your shock and Explode to lift the front tire off the ground

2.  Scoop to lift the back wheel off the ground (scrape the poop off your shoe)

3.  Push handlebars forward  to clear the obstacle (shrug and roll).
I know many experienced adult riders who cannot bunny hop…but wish they could.  Don’t get discouraged, you’ll get it.
Happy trails,
Coach Paul