Stoked about Stokesville

A FABULOUS fall weekend filled with mountain bike trails, kids on bikes, giddy coaches gladly volunteering to ride the course again, a frigid water hole filled with laughter, a unicorn nest (aka, hammock city (Visualize six hammocks in one black walnut tree)), five camp stoves and a mini-grill, tents of all colors and sizes, a multi-team Pot Luck Feast, viewing Saturn’s rings via the telescope in the observatory, a sunrise to inspire, and 21 riders representing Colonial Revolution Composite in race 2 of the NICA series.  You can’t make this stuff up.  It really happened! #Thankful4ColonialRevolution #RiderRollCall

Race Waves for Middle School Boys & Girls:

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Race Waves for High School Boys & Girls:

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Coach Chris

Welcome to the team, Coach Chris! Clearly, you are in for a good time.

I asked about his first ride with the team. Chris said, “They don’t need to be motivated!”

We love seeing other NICA jerseys mixed in with our Colonial Revolution Composite blues. #WoodberryForestTigers #W&Mmtb

Smiles Per Hour

Reflecting on race 1 at Miller School, Coach Mike wrote, “Our success is measured in smiles per hour, and I saw many!”  As predicted, it was a beautiful day for mountain biking.  Our riders dug deep and conquered the hills and descents.  Several coaches volunteered to marshall the course, and Coach Paul logged 10 laps as sweeper!  Our Rider Roll Call of photos are courtesy of the view finders of several parents.  Congratulations, Team Colonial Revolution Composite!
Special Note: Sneak a peek at the Miller School course including Burke’s Run in this video by Jack Anderson.
Middle School (Waves A & B, Girls & Boys):

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High School (Freshman, Sophomore, and JV, Girls & Boys):

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Solve for X

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In celebration of the completion of the first week back in session for our local public schools, let’s solve some math problems.  Although not all of our student athletes are pictured above, Coach Mike took a count at practice last night of riders who will be participating in the “group ride” this Sunday.

Problem 1: If 21 of our 27 student athletes are conflict free and thus plan to attend, what percentage of our team will be riding in Race 1 of the fall NICA series hosted by Miller School of Albemarle? 21/27=78% That is significant.

Problem 2: Solve for X. Sunday group rides are averaging 30 people.  THIS Sunday’s ride will likely number 300 riders.  What is the factor of increase?  30x=300  300/30=10  I guess that means we can look forward to TEN times the fun!

The comment section of this post is open.  Please share your well wishes with the team.