Erlebnis (German, n.)

Erlebnis is defined as, “Living fully, experiencing life deeply and intensely in the here and now,” and so is the tale of success for Team Colonial Revolution Composite at Falling Creek Park in Bedford, Virginia.  The team, 20 riders strong, responded with GRIT, PERSEVERANCE, and FOCUS to a trail that Coach Mike, mind you with a smile, described as, “Treacherous!” on Sunday morning.  The clay was holding water making it SUPER slick, the grass was swampy due to the high humidity overnight, roots presented themselves uphill, downhill, and where they weren’t on the pre-ride (See James’s jersey for evidence.) There were dropped chains that were fixable, and one that was carried across the finish line in the back pocket of a rider on foot.  One tubeless tire responded well to a shot of CO2, while another was still losing air after four patches!  Both riders made it across the finish line thanks to the help and encouragement of a Sweeper extraordinaire (Hint: See photo gallery below.) ALL twenty riders stepped up to the Race 3 challenge.  The Rider Roll Call photo gallery below highlights the finish line photos taken by Mrs. Liebler.  The look of erlebnis!

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