Without a doubt, throughout this ENTIRE fall NICA season our Colonial Revolution Composite riders and coaches have gone all out!  They have stepped up, challenged themselves, climbed the mountains, and conquered with heart.  Race 4, hosted by Woodberry Forest School, was similar yet different; as if every rider turned it up a notch!  As individuals and as a team, our riders showcased the true spirit of the sport.  Oh, yeah, there was drama too: exciting sprints to the finish (Spoiler alert: Colonial Revolution Composite riders crossed first), pre-race replacement of shifter cables and housing, a bulging tire discovered during staging, a quick thinking coach who offered his bike AND shoes (see featured image), a rock garden that pinched tires, tube replacements on the course, and the kind of pure exhaustion at the finish line that makes Coaches Paul and Beav extra proud.  The day was reminiscent of the introduction to ABC’s Wide World of Sports back in the early 1980’s. Cue the music and dramatic voice, “Spanning the globe…The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  The human drama of athletic competition.”  This Rider Roll Call highlights the victories of the day– Boom!

Middle School Waves

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High School Waves

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