A Match Left to Strike?

Coach Mike got us thinking last night.  If a race is like a book of matches, when you come to the final lap, will you have a match left to strike?  Will you have enough for a fiery finish?

Do As I SayAll eyes turned to our guest rider, Cam Holland.  Caught on camera,  Cam is admitting that, even after 30 years of riding,  he often has lit all of his matches before the final lap.  This “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” confession was an excellent segue into the proper way to pace oneself and reminders on when and how to properly pass.

And then the simulated race began! The team chased Cam who showed true tenacity by riding at least 3 laps on a flat.  Excellent effort by all of our youth on a hot and humid, Coastal Virginia, night.

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