Muddy Course? Never mind.

image2The course at Stokesville for race #2 was…muddy…mud of the EPIC kind…but Colonial Revolution Composite riders embraced the conditions and left it ALL…except the mud…out on the trails!

From Coach Mike,  “What a beautifully miserable weekend.  I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.  To everyone who braved the rain & mud (parents, siblings & riders), I tip my hat.  Especially if this was your first racing experience.  By now you probably know I really don’t care what place you finish, it’s all about coming out, having a little fun with friends, giving it your best shot and tackling a few obstacles.”

And from Coach Rick, “Like Mike said these are very unusual conditions and usually races /events are not held in these conditions. If I go back to the early 1990s, I think I’ve seen only two other events similar conditions.”

Seems only appropriate to use Dennis Lloyd’s song Nevermind  as background music for the Rider Roll Call.  This roll call is ordered by wave because just when the thought that they couldn’t get any muddier crosses your mind, the photos show that they do. Epic mud? Never mind.  Let’s ride!

Turn on your speakers and turn up the volume.


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The music is still playing, right?  Here are more photos showcasing the spirit of Colonial Revolution and our BFFs from St. Christopher’s.


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