More Than Teammates

Colonial Revolution Composite kicked off the 2019 NICA season for the Virginia League Mikeon Saturday, July 6.  Returning and new riders, coaches and families gathered at York River State Park.

Coach Mike welcomed everyone and stated that, “You are more than a teammate. Each of you is a member of the family.  We are all brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles.”

As safety is always the team’s top priority, the following are important to our Colonial Revolution family:

  1. Helmet’s on and chin strap clipped.
  2. Treat everyone with respect. Everyone is on equal footing. Respect the park and other park users too. Stick to the bike trails.  When you see a horse, stop and wait for the direction of horse rider.
  3. At each practice venue the team has a safe meeting spot, such as the labyrinth at YRSP. Vehicles should back in, bikes unloaded and riders should proceed to the meeting spot without riding through the lot.  The parking lot is dangerous!  It is not wise to leave your bike in parking lot either.
  4. Safety first: Always ride under control!  We work on skills and quick thinking to protect yourself and others.
  5. Always pass with care.
  6. Only ride the bike trails.  Stay on the bike trails!
  7. Do not litter and respect wildlife
  8. Come/BE prepared: Water, snack, bike that works.  Develop a relationship with your local bike shop.  Fran at Conte’s is offering to pick up, repair & return to the next practice bikes in need of repair.  Wow!
  9. The coach has ultimate authority.
  10. No banned substances: We follow anti-doping rules and regulations with include NO CAFFEINE under NICA!  CAFFEINE, sugar & exercise are bad for your heart.  Keep it clean and use your hard work and your talent!
  11. Hydration: Drink water constantly not just practice day
  12. As a team we follow league rules & guidelines
  13. Sportsmanship is important especially at races. Our team has been outstanding at this and sets an example for other teams of how it is supposed to be done. Each of you is a role model to someone; keep that in mind.
  14. Welcome new riders. (Cal and Tristan got a round of applause!)
  15. Respond to the Heja App so that we can be prepared.
  16. Look for the (almost) weekly email which contains important info.  Check out the website and Facebook for more general information (and Shelly Liebler’s awesome photos!)
  17. Commitment: Practice makes perfect. We are working to build skill & endurance which makes riding more enjoyable.  There is not an attendance requirement, but practice makes perfect.  Get out & ride to suit your schedule.  We want our team to be prepared & conditioned.
  18. Bring to practice: Water (CamelBak more inclined to drink), snack, and full belly.  If you have a serious allergy, you must have your personal EpiPen & know how to use it.
  19. Coaches’ training is our budget emphasis.
  20. Always looking for good leaders and mentors in our youth and adults!

And then these 20 points were put into action.  This “family” is already making memories!

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See more photos taken on Saturday here. Shelly Liebler volunteers her creative eye and talent to the team.  She gives the team permission to download her photos for personal use.  She only asks that photo credit to be given to her. (Photo credit: Shelly Liebler)