I Ride for David Continues

The meaning of I Ride for David shows the ongoing support for David Carey’s family and [serves as] a reminder to them of the impact David made on many lives. We want David’s family to know that we strive to receive the compliment,  “You ride like David!”  This statement means that the rider is being strong in the face of a challenge and exhibiting tenacity, persistence and stick-with-it-ness.  (-Parker read more.)

The following riders have been recognized for “Riding like David!”


Brooke graciously switched to a coaching role in order to welcome a new teammate.




IMG_20191012_090359Hugo may be the youngest but that doesn’t stop him from giving his all to every ride.




IMG_20191012_085933Tristan encourages others and himself even when faced with fatigue.




00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20191012085801654_COVERIan has been tenacious in his riding. He constantly challenges himself.




IMG_20191012_090455Cecile, when faced with a climb that claimed others, she dug in and made it to the top!




JerseyFelix:  For great sportsmanship as he complimented Cecile on “getting up THAT hill!”



IMG_20191012_092451Sam:  Although he could not ride, due to a collar bone break, Sam  regularly attends practices and lends his good hand to helping the coaches with important tasks such as setting up drills.  His presence and positive attitude is a huge motivator for the team! (Featured image: Coach Randy announcing Sam to the team as an I Ride for David! sock recipient.)


Coach Angela: Either in attitude or action, Coach Angela was not deterred by a diagnosis with a long recuperation period. Instead she focused her energies on persevering by adapting.


Coach Paula: A great friend and rival! #frenemy




i-nrBQksB-X3Coach Mike: Presented by Cecile, Coach Mike is a leader who keeps smiling and faces his challenges with a sense of humor.  He supports everyone!

Check back for more members of our ColRev family who Ride [Like] David!

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