Community Clubhouses

“We don’t mountain bike. We ARE mountain bikers!”  Unique to this sport is the fact that members of the mountain biking community frequently congregate in  “neighborhood clubhouses” also known as local bike shops. Not only do these clubhouses stock the goods but, more importantly, the service and support that is passion driven!

Walt, owner of Village Bicycles in Newport News, once shared, “The way to make a million dollars in this business is to start with two.” [Insert laugh track.] He quickly added, “This business is ALL about community!” After the ColRev end of season celebration, Walt was personally thanked for operating a local bike shop because without a “clubhouse” like his, there couldn’t be a Colonial Revolution community.

The Colonial Revolution family is incredibly grateful for the continued support of time, talent and expertise offered in the “clubhouses” in our area. With almost 40 student-athletes plus their parents and siblings, we need all of you to ensure we don’t miss a ride!

Sneak a peak into the workshops of our 7 clubhouses:

Red Barn
Red Barn Bicycles
Village Bikes
Village Bicycles
Jimmy’z Mobile Repair
Contes- Williamsburg
Bikes Unlimited
Bikes Unlimited- Dog available for adoption!