Spring Ready

Saturday at York River State Park one didn’t have to look too closely to see signs of spring…pops of parakeet green, bumblebee yellow and Colonial Revolution blue! Like the clumps of grass and patches of dandelions, our youth mountain bike team is growing with riders new to the sport and coaches seasoned in mountain biking. What an awesome combination!



Share_Trail_Sign_360_0But first, trail etiquette reminders from Coach Mike, Coach Rick and Chief Ranger, Brad Thomas.  York River State Park is a multi-user system of trails, therefore…

  • Respect each other and other park users
  • Know and follow the direction of the trail: one-way or multi-directional
  • Yield to HORSES, people and bikes
  • Slow down, acknowledge, pass on the left
  • Inform the park of downed trees, erosion, and other dangers on the trails.  Word will be passed along to EVMA (Eastern Virginia Mountain Bike Association).
  • Maintain control
  • Ride trails matched to your skill level; coaches will help identify these

Bike checks courtesy of Fran from Conte’s Williamsburg and Jimmy of Jimmy’z Mobile Bike Repair. Simultaneously, the coaches were checking helmets!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!'” (-Robin Williams)

Although bundled up for the cool weather, based on these smiles, it is easy to see that the Colonial Revolution Youth Mountain Bike Team is ready to party! Welcome spring.

Collage photos by Shelly Liebler

Still Feeling Lucky

ColRev is so LUCKY to have the continued support of Robert at Red Barn Bicycles including his Spring Tune-Up Fundraiser!! (Yep, it deserves double exclamation points.)  Get your bike into Red Barn during the month of March for a pre-season tune up, and Robert will donate a portion of the proceeds directly to the team.

Like Coach Mike tells the team, “Don’t wait till the last minute to find out that this fancy gizmo is worn, or that funky doohickey is (still) broken.”

Feel free to hit the Share button…OF COURSE you know a riding buddy or two who needs this!