Class of 2020 Podiums

A compilation letter to our seniors from your Colonial Revolution Family:

This spring we have 3 seniors finishing up their high school RACING careers with the Colonial Revolution Youth Mountain Bike Team.  Emphasized here is RACING because each of them is a lifelong member and leader on the team.  All three of these gentlemen have provided years of leadership and guidance to all of their teammates and lived the example of what Colonial Revolution is all about.

From Coach Mike, I grew up with these guys!  It has been an amazing experience watching these young men succeed, fail, learn and grow as a part of the Colonial Revolution family.  As individuals they have made unique contributions to make us a stronger and smarter team.  For the coaches it makes us super-proud to see the adults they have become!

From Coach Rick to each senior, it has been great to watch you grow as a young man and athlete.

Alexander3Alexander’s polite demeanor and enthusiasm make him a pleasure to coach and mentor.  He was always willing to take the lead and be a responsible team leader.



Jack6You can’t help but admire Jack’s stoic take on racing and training.  He is a hard worker that put in many miles over the years on the revolution.





Picture1James was there the very first year when it was just Coach Rick and a few other student athletes. James had the ability to “dig deep” within himself and it showed with his races. On one occasion James had a mechanical right at the very start at the Woodberry Forest race.  He had to borrow a bike for the race and he then started in last position.  James passed over 50 competitors to finish in a top 5 spot. James was always respectful to his competitors and showed a high level of sportsmanship which made him a great joy to coach.


And now, in alphabetical order, each senior is called to the VIRTUAL #1 PODIUM spot:

Alexander: One of the most positive riders who worked very hard and, no matter the outcome, was always upbeat. We love to see his smile!  Alexander is like the Pied Piper; he always has a following of people around him, young and old.  At practice and races his enthusiasm, positive attitude and determination are infectious.  Alexander has also had his share of mechanicals in races, flat tires and dropped chains, yet he never lets it tarnish his winning attitude.  He works hard at everything he does but never forgets to have fun!

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Hands up Alexander for your ovation! (We can hear your mom’s cow bell ringing.)


Jack: Made amazing progress from the first time he raced at Miller School until his senior year. He evolved into a really strong rider and overcame a lot.  Jack is the silent leader who leads by example.  You will usually see Jack hanging in a crowd of teammates listening intently to what they have to say.  Jack is a very determined rider and is almost always at the front of practice rides and drills demonstrating his commitment to honing skills on and off the bike.  The coaches and parents can always count on Jack to demonstrate what it means to be a member of the Colonial Revolution.

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Hands up Jack for your round of applause and cheers! (Your Mom is always the loudest and we love her for it!)


James: The most tenured of the group, always has a following of teammates around him at practice and at races.  His enthusiasm is infectious and the older members all look up to James for camaraderie and inspiration.  James always portrays what the team is all about.  Throughout his years of racing, James has suffered a few mechanical issues and crashes that may have cost him a spot on the podium.  Although disappointed, his positive attitude and tenacity always come to the forefront.  The coaches have come to lean on James for help at practice leading rides or drills.  He always displays an incredible talent and attitude. “Intense, but yet always had a smile for the camera when he saw it” (-Mrs. Leibler).

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Hands up James as the team goes wild! (Your parents are clapping humbly but their pride is beaming!)


We often get the pleasure of seeing these three outside of the team.  Maybe at a high school track meet, hanging around the neighborhood or bumping into them at a local park or camping trip.  The qualities they demonstrate as a member of the bike team are not for show, they are on display all the time, offering true evidence as to what being a member of the Colonial Revolution is all about.

Best of luck in the future, James, Jack and Alexander!  You have left your mark on the trail and in our hearts.


James, the mountains are calling and we know you must go.    Remember to pause every once in a while and listen.  We are all here, still cheering for you.  We can’t wait to see where your trail leads.  ~Love, Mom & Dad (Kelly & Ken Allmon)



Jack, my wish for you is to have a life full of happiness, laughter and adventure.                   (-Lisa Wiertel)


Alexander, from class to stage to road to trail, may your curiosity, drive, kindness and compassion continue to guide you as each new adventure unfolds. (-Kimberly Mayer)