Under New Management

Clematis pitcheri (bluebill) on the Shenandoah Mountain Trail

Spring is time of rejuvenation and hopefully 2021 will be extra special! New members, new practice venues and new ideas. At the 2021 membership meeting the team unanimously elected the following members to the Board of Directors:

President – Angela Dereix

VP – Lexey Donohue

Secretary – Randy Ward

All are trusted & veteran team parents. Each bring unique talents & qualifications to the Board. Huge thanks to them for taking on this task. Nancy McNelly & Ellen LaPlace will remain in their positions as Member-at-Large & Treasurer. We are in good hands.

I want to take a second to personally thank my fellow outgoing (and founding) Board members, Carrie Mokry & Andrez Alvarez. We literally couldn’t have done it with you. What was a dozen kids, a few parents & a few hundred dollars a few short years ago is a whole other thing now! The Big Wheel Keeps on Turnin’!

Our first (organized) practice of 2021 coincides with the first day of spring. Who’s ready to ride?

Mike Lang

Head Coach & Website Coordinator

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