Feels Like Home

Race 3 at Woodberry Forest was fast and the battles furious! The condition of the course was a foil to Stokesville; dust in the eyes, not mud.  Each course in the NICA season is unique with this one being the closest to the trails on which Colonial Revolution Composite practices.  Our 26 riders must have felt like they were at home!


A shout out to all of our newest teammates who are pictured here.  Their enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and their commitment inspiring! Happy to welcome them and their parents to our Colonial Revolution family.

This Rider Roll Call is all about the racing.


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Photos by Ellen LaPlace.  More photos by Shelly Liebler here.

Muddy Course? Never mind.

image2The course at Stokesville for race #2 was…muddy…mud of the EPIC kind…but Colonial Revolution Composite riders embraced the conditions and left it ALL…except the mud…out on the trails!

From Coach Mike,  “What a beautifully miserable weekend.  I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.  To everyone who braved the rain & mud (parents, siblings & riders), I tip my hat.  Especially if this was your first racing experience.  By now you probably know I really don’t care what place you finish, it’s all about coming out, having a little fun with friends, giving it your best shot and tackling a few obstacles.”

And from Coach Rick, “Like Mike said these are very unusual conditions and usually races /events are not held in these conditions. If I go back to the early 1990s, I think I’ve seen only two other events similar conditions.”

Seems only appropriate to use Dennis Lloyd’s song Nevermind  as background music for the Rider Roll Call.  This roll call is ordered by wave because just when the thought that they couldn’t get any muddier crosses your mind, the photos show that they do. Epic mud? Never mind.  Let’s ride!

Turn on your speakers and turn up the volume.


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The music is still playing, right?  Here are more photos showcasing the spirit of Colonial Revolution and our BFFs from St. Christopher’s.


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Want to see more of our own Tough Mudders in action? Check out Shelly’s photos here.

Race 1 Chatter

For Colonial Revolution Composite, Race 1 of the fall NICA season is in the books.  Check out this video overview by Jack Anderson.  You can’t miss Ana on the move at the 0:35 second mark.  Feedback and chatter plus Rider Roll Call below.

From Coach Mike:  Wow, what an exciting day everyone!  The rain held off just long enough!  Results are up on the Virginia League results page.

Really impressed with the heart and determination of the entire team.  Whether it was your first race, or you moved up a class and added a lap, it was really a challenging course and everyone stepped up to represent the team well.

From Team Mom and Photographer, Shelly:  Thanks to Coach Mike and all the coaches and parents who made this weekend a success.  It was great to see the kids back racing and having fun doing it.

Photos from the day are here.

From Coach Rick:  Thanks for the photos, Shelly. I do want to again thank Mike for his leadership. We are a lucky group to have him along with his family. I also want to give a shout-out to coaches Chris, Beav and Crystal for spending their Saturday in support of our team.

Rider Roll Call:


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Picking up the Pace

With a course mapped out by Coach Rick, Team Co-Captain Autumn and National Champion Jewel (I couldn’t resist!), the Colonial Revolution Composite team picked up the pace today.  Our riders have been busy filling their toolboxes  with skills.  This practice was a chance to use those tools to build a good lap or two.  Kudos to our adult volunteers who filled ALL the typical race day roles like time keeper, course marshals and sweepers.

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A Match Left to Strike?

Coach Mike got us thinking last night.  If a race is like a book of matches, when you come to the final lap, will you have a match left to strike?  Will you have enough for a fiery finish?

Do As I SayAll eyes turned to our guest rider, Cam Holland.  Caught on camera,  Cam is admitting that, even after 30 years of riding,  he often has lit all of his matches before the final lap.  This “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” confession was an excellent segue into the proper way to pace oneself and reminders on when and how to properly pass.

And then the simulated race began! The team chased Cam who showed true tenacity by riding at least 3 laps on a flat.  Excellent effort by all of our youth on a hot and humid, Coastal Virginia, night.

Summer School

Everyone has/had a favorite subject in school.  Does that change based on the following analogies to the importance of practicing bike handling skills?

Language Arts: Parts of Speech

  1. skills (noun): the ability to do something well; expertise
  2. hone (verb): refine or perfect (something) over a period of time
  3. habitual (adjective): 1. done or doing constantly or as a habit. 2. regular, usual synonyms: accustomed, normal, set, fixed, well established, routine

Math: Transitive Property of Equality

If a=b and b=c, then a=c.

  • Let a= skills practice
  • Let b= increased safety
  • Let c= increased FUN!

Physical Science: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton’s first law- An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Newton’s second law- An object will only accelerate or negatively accelerate if there is a net or unbalanced force acting upon it; changing its speed, its direction, or both. THINK: riding over roots and rocks, around trees, through corners, up and down switchbacks.

Fine Arts: Photography

As evidenced by the number of photos, the quality of Shelly Liebler’s photos proves that practice makes perfect!

[Inset school bell ringing here.] Skills practice increases the FUN!


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Season is OPEN

Cue up Who Are You by The Who on your MP3 player:

Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) Tell me, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)

Individually, she/he is a….Camper, outdoors-(wo)man, runner, cross country runner, dancer, soccer player, small-boat sailor, rower, BMX-er, dirt bike rider, cook, Scouter, reader, helper, and more.

Together, we are Colonial Revolution Composite!

We are a cross country mountain bike team comprised of youth, coaches, community partners and sponsors, plus parent volunteers. Our team philosophy is a metaphor for life (Coach Mike)— This is outdoor and experiential learning where we keep working toward a goal.  Each rider creates a “Trail Toolbox of Skills” (Coach Mike) through building base fitness, developing and perfecting skills, building core strength, race specific training, and sportsmanship.

We blaze trails in the dirt but also as ambassadors for the sport of mountain biking.  In the minds of the other park visitors—hikers, bikers, dog walkers, horseback riders—we are the embodiment of all mountain bikers (Coach Jake).  As such, each member of the team represents not only themselves but also the local mountain biking community and the Colonial Revolution brand.   We aim to WOW them with our speak-first attitude, trail etiquette and safety mindedness!

Safety checks by Robert from Red Barn Bicycles and Jimmy from JIMMY’Z Mobile Bike Repair and Coach Rick on the helmets.



Stretching our skills in the field with the attack position and leaning. Notice the watchful and helpful eyes and modeling of the coaches.


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