july 9Colonial Revolution is a co-ed mountain biking team for riders of all skill levels in grades 6 through 12. The team includes student athletes from public, private, and home schools in Williamsburg and surrounding areas. Colonial Revolution is one of twenty-one teams in the Virginia League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. The team subscribes to the 5 CORE Values of NICA: Equality, Inclusivity, Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Character. In other words, every ambitious student athlete rides, sweats, laughs, and, ultimately, grows!  FAQs Download PDF

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Watchful Eyes of CoachesUnder the watchful eyes of trained coaches, some who are parents, others who are passionate riders willing to share, every rider has the support needed to succeed. According to Colonial Revolution’s Director, Mike Lang, if a student athlete aspires to a podium finish during the fall races, we have the coaches that can help get them there. More importantly, if a student athlete is here to challenge themselves IMG_4389and enjoy the ride, the coaches, other riders, and community can make that happen! The exuberant smiles earned on single track trails are not something that can be bought in stores. They are truly authentic and intrinsically originated even when the body is exhausted. There is pure joy and contentment in being a teammate and celebrating each and every rider. The cheers may come for a podium finish, but more likely, the fist bumps are shared after the successful navigation of a steep and rocky switchback that previously thwarted a rider.

20161106_113457Colonial Revolution is about youth development. Experiencing the outlet that communing with nature, tired muscles, and the fellowship of inclusivity brings about in a lifelong pursuit of balance. According to one student rider, “Mountain biking is like my [Appalachian Trail].  People walk the AT to find themselves.  That is me on my bike.”  (-Parker (9/6/16))

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