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We respond to all inquiries and the only criteria for membership is a positive attitude and a thirst for adventure.  Please consider the following and provide as much information as possible when making an inquiry to our program:

  • Name, gender, age, and birthdate of student-athlete. The minimum age to join is 9 years old (Note:  youth age 8 may join in the preceding summer/fall season if they will be age 9 by the beginning of our spring season, March 1st AND if they intend to race with the VAHS series. This will allow them time to practice and hone their racing skills.)
  • Experience on a road or mountain bike?  Please state “none”, “some”, or “considerable.” Some experience does not have to be with a team, but rather it can be time spent with family on trails. If so, how long and how confident? (Note: no experience necessary) Your answers will help us better gauge which ability group your athlete may be best suited to join.
  • How did you hear about us? Through a web search, friends of the team, or other?
  • Does your student-athlete have a good quality mountain bike in proper working condition that is assembled by a professional?  Does it have a minimum of 26″ tires (required to safely navigate the trails)?
  • Which season would your student-athlete be interested in joining?

Want to learn more? Use the form below to contact the team rep who can help get you started.

Facebook: @colonialrevolution