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Wouldn’t this look pretty amazing on a pit zone canopy?!

A shout out to Robert at Red Barn Bikes for the generous donation to the team from his March Tune-Up Fundraiser.  And to all of his customers who made the extra effort to get their machines into his shop during March, we thank you and appreciate your support of our team.  Merci! Gracias! Danke! See you on the trails.

Race 5- Hot, Hot Day

Blue Ridge School in St. George hosted race 5 of the 2018 Spring VAHS Series. (See results by race here.) It was a beautiful day for racing but plenty hot. And to think, the first race of this series was rescheduled because of snow!  No complaining about the stream crossing today.

As this wraps up the spring series, a note from Coach Mike:

Teammates, Coaches & Parents:

Kudos to those who competed in the spring VAHS series!  Everyone did an outstanding job on  the toughest courses we will see in high school racing!  We had some outstanding results as well, but more importantly, just this past Saturday a coach from another team commented on what polite young people and nice families our team attracts.  That is a huge WIN!

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Around the State We…

What a great weekend for Colonial Revolution & friends!  This weekend we:
  • volunteered at the James City PD Bike Safety Rodeo
  • raced on Western Slope of Massanutten- VAHS Race 3
  • raced & volunteered at New Quarter Park- WOYW
  • conducted 3 separate age/skill appropriate rides from Stokesville Campground
  • trained 5 coaches for the upcoming season
Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

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VAHS Spring Series Race 2

The Virginia High School Series, aka VAHS MTB, “is Virginia’s official interscholastic mountain bike race series. Sanctioned by USA Cycling, VAHS MTB offers competitive racing for riders of all ability levels. The series is open to ANY high school, middle school, or elementary school student.” (

We cheered for riders in all three categories, both boy and girl waves, including riders from our Col Rev Development Team (Luke, Brooke, and Connor!) Riding independently or representing Colonial Revolution, Caring for Creatures, or St. Chris, here is the rider roll call from Race 2 at Forest Hill Park.

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For more photos of our riders, see Shelly’s photo gallery.

For Jack Anderson’s video compilations of each race and Jack Looney’s photos of competitors from throughout Virginia, visit VAHS’ media page.


Luck of the Irish

Kick off the spring with the luck of the Irish on your side!  Ask yourself, is that fancy doohickey (still) broken?  Steer yourself away from Murphy’s Law. Get your bike into Red Barn Bikes this month and Robert will generously donate a portion of the tune-up to the team. It is a win-win for our local mountain biking community.


This IS True Love

Better than a bouquet of flowers.  Longer lasting than a heart shaped box of Whitman’s chocolates.  More unique than a Zip-lock bag of HoneyStinger Waffles.  Show your #LOVE by giving your Valentine a bike tune-up!

Get your bike into Red Barn Bicycles during the month of March and Robert will donate a portion of the proceeds directly to the team.  As if you made a stop at Hallmark, the attached PDF with all of the details is ready for printing and February 14th gift giving!

Red Barn Spring Fundraiser








Without a doubt, throughout this ENTIRE fall NICA season our Colonial Revolution riders and coaches have gone all out!  They have stepped up, challenged themselves, climbed the mountains, and conquered with heart.  Race 4, hosted by Woodberry Forest School, was similar yet different; as if every rider turned it up a notch!  As individuals and as a team, our riders showcased the true spirit of the sport.  Oh, yeah, there was drama too: exciting sprints to the finish (Spoiler alert: Colonial Revolution riders crossed first), pre-race replacement of shifter cables and housing, a bulging tire discovered during staging, a quick thinking coach who offered his bike AND shoes (see featured image), a rock garden that pinched tires, tube replacements on the course, and the kind of pure exhaustion at the finish line that makes Coaches Paul and Beav extra proud.  The day was reminiscent of the introduction to ABC’s Wide World of Sports back in the early 1980’s. Cue the music and dramatic voice, “Spanning the globe…The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  The human drama of athletic competition.”  This Rider Roll Call highlights the victories of the day– Boom!

Middle School Waves

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High School Waves

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Erlebnis (German, n.)

Erlebnis is defined as, “Living fully, experiencing life deeply and intensely in the here and now,” and so is the tale of success for Team Colonial Revolution at Falling Creek Park in Bedford, Virginia.  The team, 20 riders strong, responded with GRIT, PERSEVERANCE, and FOCUS to a trail that Coach Mike, mind you with a smile, described as, “Treacherous!” on Sunday morning.  The clay was holding water making it SUPER slick, the grass was swampy due to the high humidity overnight, roots presented themselves uphill, downhill, and where they weren’t on the pre-ride (See James’s jersey for evidence.) There were dropped chains that were fixable, and one that was carried across the finish line in the back pocket of a rider on foot.  One tubeless tire responded well to a shot of CO2, while another was still losing air after four patches!  Both riders made it across the finish line thanks to the help and encouragement of a Sweeper extraordinaire (Hint: See photo gallery below.) ALL twenty riders stepped up to the Race 3 challenge.  The Rider Roll Call photo gallery below highlights the finish line photos taken by Mrs. Liebler.  The look of erlebnis!

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