Glimpse into 2020

Safety is ALWAYS priority #1 with Colonial Revolution Youth Mountain Bike Team. The global impact of COVID-19 made riding as a group a challenge, but what member of this team isn’t up to meeting a challenge? Coaches, riders and parents ensured that when small groups of the team could ride, they did so safely.

Photo credits Shelly, Lexey, Nancy, and more!

Class of 2020 Podiums

A compilation letter to our seniors from your Colonial Revolution Family:

This spring we have 3 seniors finishing up their high school RACING careers with the Colonial Revolution Youth Mountain Bike Team.  Emphasized here is RACING because each of them is a lifelong member and leader on the team.  All three of these gentlemen have provided years of leadership and guidance to all of their teammates and lived the example of what Colonial Revolution is all about.

From Coach Mike, I grew up with these guys!  It has been an amazing experience watching these young men succeed, fail, learn and grow as a part of the Colonial Revolution family.  As individuals they have made unique contributions to make us a stronger and smarter team.  For the coaches it makes us super-proud to see the adults they have become!

From Coach Rick to each senior, it has been great to watch you grow as a young man and athlete.

Alexander3Alexander’s polite demeanor and enthusiasm make him a pleasure to coach and mentor.  He was always willing to take the lead and be a responsible team leader.



Jack6You can’t help but admire Jack’s stoic take on racing and training.  He is a hard worker that put in many miles over the years on the revolution.





Picture1James was there the very first year when it was just Coach Rick and a few other student athletes. James had the ability to “dig deep” within himself and it showed with his races. On one occasion James had a mechanical right at the very start at the Woodberry Forest race.  He had to borrow a bike for the race and he then started in last position.  James passed over 50 competitors to finish in a top 5 spot. James was always respectful to his competitors and showed a high level of sportsmanship which made him a great joy to coach.


And now, in alphabetical order, each senior is called to the VIRTUAL #1 PODIUM spot:

Alexander: One of the most positive riders who worked very hard and, no matter the outcome, was always upbeat. We love to see his smile!  Alexander is like the Pied Piper; he always has a following of people around him, young and old.  At practice and races his enthusiasm, positive attitude and determination are infectious.  Alexander has also had his share of mechanicals in races, flat tires and dropped chains, yet he never lets it tarnish his winning attitude.  He works hard at everything he does but never forgets to have fun!

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Hands up Alexander for your ovation! (We can hear your mom’s cow bell ringing.)


Jack: Made amazing progress from the first time he raced at Miller School until his senior year. He evolved into a really strong rider and overcame a lot.  Jack is the silent leader who leads by example.  You will usually see Jack hanging in a crowd of teammates listening intently to what they have to say.  Jack is a very determined rider and is almost always at the front of practice rides and drills demonstrating his commitment to honing skills on and off the bike.  The coaches and parents can always count on Jack to demonstrate what it means to be a member of the Colonial Revolution.

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Hands up Jack for your round of applause and cheers! (Your Mom is always the loudest and we love her for it!)


James: The most tenured of the group, always has a following of teammates around him at practice and at races.  His enthusiasm is infectious and the older members all look up to James for camaraderie and inspiration.  James always portrays what the team is all about.  Throughout his years of racing, James has suffered a few mechanical issues and crashes that may have cost him a spot on the podium.  Although disappointed, his positive attitude and tenacity always come to the forefront.  The coaches have come to lean on James for help at practice leading rides or drills.  He always displays an incredible talent and attitude. “Intense, but yet always had a smile for the camera when he saw it” (-Mrs. Leibler).

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Hands up James as the team goes wild! (Your parents are clapping humbly but their pride is beaming!)


We often get the pleasure of seeing these three outside of the team.  Maybe at a high school track meet, hanging around the neighborhood or bumping into them at a local park or camping trip.  The qualities they demonstrate as a member of the bike team are not for show, they are on display all the time, offering true evidence as to what being a member of the Colonial Revolution is all about.

Best of luck in the future, James, Jack and Alexander!  You have left your mark on the trail and in our hearts.


James, the mountains are calling and we know you must go.    Remember to pause every once in a while and listen.  We are all here, still cheering for you.  We can’t wait to see where your trail leads.  ~Love, Mom & Dad (Kelly & Ken Allmon)



Jack, my wish for you is to have a life full of happiness, laughter and adventure.                   (-Lisa Wiertel)


Alexander, from class to stage to road to trail, may your curiosity, drive, kindness and compassion continue to guide you as each new adventure unfolds. (-Kimberly Mayer)

NEW Team Hats

Thanks to a nudge from Coach Andres, Henry and I have been working with Tidewater Team Sports to design hats for the team to meet our July 1st goal of having them on our heads. We have opted for classic yet trendy styles hoping to appeal to everyone. The minimum is only 8 hats per style so we might be sporting more than one look!

  • The hats will be embroidered with the team logo.
  • The cost will be less than $15.00 per hat.
  • Color will be chosen to go with team jersey.

Help us narrow down the choices so we can get samples for pre-orders by viewing the attached PDF of 5 options and then completing this survey with your preferences.

PLEASE only complete the survey ONCE per hat-wearing-family member. (Yes, I know you can submit again, but please resist the temptation to load the ballot box.)

Your input is greatly appreciated!


Spring Ready

Saturday at York River State Park one didn’t have to look too closely to see signs of spring…pops of parakeet green, bumblebee yellow and Colonial Revolution blue! Like the clumps of grass and patches of dandelions, our youth mountain bike team is growing with riders new to the sport and coaches seasoned in mountain biking. What an awesome combination!



Share_Trail_Sign_360_0But first, trail etiquette reminders from Coach Mike, Coach Rick and Chief Ranger, Brad Thomas.  York River State Park is a multi-user system of trails, therefore…

  • Respect each other and other park users
  • Know and follow the direction of the trail: one-way or multi-directional
  • Yield to HORSES, people and bikes
  • Slow down, acknowledge, pass on the left
  • Inform the park of downed trees, erosion, and other dangers on the trails.  Word will be passed along to EVMA (Eastern Virginia Mountain Bike Association).
  • Maintain control
  • Ride trails matched to your skill level; coaches will help identify these

Bike checks courtesy of Fran from Conte’s Williamsburg and Jimmy of Jimmy’z Mobile Bike Repair. Simultaneously, the coaches were checking helmets!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!'” (-Robin Williams)

Although bundled up for the cool weather, based on these smiles, it is easy to see that the Colonial Revolution Youth Mountain Bike Team is ready to party! Welcome spring.

Collage photos by Shelly Liebler

Still Feeling Lucky

ColRev is so LUCKY to have the continued support of Robert at Red Barn Bicycles including his Spring Tune-Up Fundraiser!! (Yep, it deserves double exclamation points.)  Get your bike into Red Barn during the month of March for a pre-season tune up, and Robert will donate a portion of the proceeds directly to the team.

Like Coach Mike tells the team, “Don’t wait till the last minute to find out that this fancy gizmo is worn, or that funky doohickey is (still) broken.”

Feel free to hit the Share button…OF COURSE you know a riding buddy or two who needs this!



Community Clubhouses

“We don’t mountain bike. We ARE mountain bikers!”  Unique to this sport is the fact that members of the mountain biking community frequently congregate in  “neighborhood clubhouses” also known as local bike shops. Not only do these clubhouses stock the goods but, more importantly, the service and support that is passion driven!

Walt, owner of Village Bicycles in Newport News, once shared, “The way to make a million dollars in this business is to start with two.” [Insert laugh track.] He quickly added, “This business is ALL about community!” After the ColRev end of season celebration, Walt was personally thanked for operating a local bike shop because without a “clubhouse” like his, there couldn’t be a Colonial Revolution community.

The Colonial Revolution family is incredibly grateful for the continued support of time, talent and expertise offered in the “clubhouses” in our area. With almost 40 student-athletes plus their parents and siblings, we need all of you to ensure we don’t miss a ride!

Sneak a peak into the workshops of our 7 clubhouses:

Red Barn
Red Barn Bicycles


Village Bikes
Village Bicycles


Jimmy’z Mobile Repair

Contes- Williamsburg

Bikes Unlimited
Bikes Unlimited- Dog available for adoption!


Fall End of Season Celebration

Not only did the team and families gather to celebrate the end of the 2019 fall NICA season, but also to acknowledge our sponsors who keep this team climbing!  Great energy and good times.

A photo summary follows courtesy of Shelly Liebler’s ALWAYS stellar photos.

First the team gathered for a long overdue team photo; 6 smiles are not pictured.

Team Photo

Next, layers on and time to ride with several sponsors.

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After the bikes were safely stored, it was time to eat.  Have bikes will travel.  Have crock pots, will party!  Thank you Coach Angela and Coach Nancy for pulling together this feast.

With close to 90 people outside, it was time to say THANK YOU.  Parker, 10th grader, spoke on behalf of the team to thank the sponsors for keeping the team safe and growing.  Mandy, sponsor coordinator, gifted each sponsor with a ColRev t-shirt.  Coach Mike thanked the coaches for their commitment.  ColRev boasts a 2:1 rider to coach ratio.  J.P. from Trek-Williamsburg donated gift cards to each coach.  Coach Mike then proceeded to introduce the student-athletes from each category and present them with a wooden plaque. (Coach Beav fabricated the branding tool.) Photos here.

In order to appropriately thank Coach Mike, it took four people!  Dan McClain poetically spoke on behalf of the families; not pictured.  Cecile recognized Coach Mike’s I Ride for David! attitude.  Ana spoke from her heart which touched Coach Mike’s (see photo). And James, senior, shared what Colonial Revolution, under Coach Mike’s direction, means to him.  The artwork that James presented includes a hand-drawn bike from each student-athlete.  Ann Armstrong took the lead on creating that.

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Back inside for Autumn’s season wrap up video! (Link coming soon)


I Ride for David Continues

The meaning of I Ride for David shows the ongoing support for David Carey’s family and [serves as] a reminder to them of the impact David made on many lives. We want David’s family to know that we strive to receive the compliment,  “You ride like David!”  This statement means that the rider is being strong in the face of a challenge and exhibiting tenacity, persistence and stick-with-it-ness.  (-Parker read more.)

The following riders have been recognized for “Riding like David!”


Brooke graciously switched to a coaching role in order to welcome a new teammate.




IMG_20191012_090359Hugo may be the youngest but that doesn’t stop him from giving his all to every ride.




IMG_20191012_085933Tristan encourages others and himself even when faced with fatigue.




00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20191012085801654_COVERIan has been tenacious in his riding. He constantly challenges himself.




IMG_20191012_090455Cecile, when faced with a climb that claimed others, she dug in and made it to the top!




JerseyFelix:  For great sportsmanship as he complimented Cecile on “getting up THAT hill!”



IMG_20191012_092451Sam:  Although he could not ride, due to a collar bone break, Sam  regularly attends practices and lends his good hand to helping the coaches with important tasks such as setting up drills.  His presence and positive attitude is a huge motivator for the team! (Featured image: Coach Randy announcing Sam to the team as an I Ride for David! sock recipient.)


Coach Angela: Either in attitude or action, Coach Angela was not deterred by a diagnosis with a long recuperation period. Instead she focused her energies on persevering by adapting.


Coach Paula: A great friend and rival! #frenemy




i-nrBQksB-X3Coach Mike: Presented by Cecile, Coach Mike is a leader who keeps smiling and faces his challenges with a sense of humor.  He supports everyone!

Check back for more members of our ColRev family who Ride [Like] David!

I Ride for David!

As the Colonial Revolution family, riders, coaches and parents, gathered at the labyrinth at York River State Park for their pre-ride meeting, sophomore rider, Parker, introduced David Carey and Coach Mike shared how Colonial Revolution will show their support the Carey Family.

IMG_20190803_091326Life Story:  To me, cycling, especially through NICA, is a sport that teaches the importance of not only sportsmanship, but shows the value of community, camaraderie, team building, and family. Speaking of community, I would like to bring attention to someone who has made a monumental impact on the cycling community.


DavidThis is David Carey.  In this photo, he is 14 years old.  His family is from Virginia Beach.  His passion for cycling rivals that of any 14 year old that I know.  He is known all across Virginia for his road cycling, beginning at an early age, Cyclocross and volunteered in the junior version of the Tour De France in Quebec.  As he wrote in an essay back in January of 2017, he liked to race bikes, and I quote, “[Because] I get to race against people my age and older.  I also get to test my strength and stamina.  [I also] get to see my teammates and make new friends.”

We all know how challenging it is to build strength and stamina.  The difference here is that David was battling “an epic bout” of recurring childhood leukemia.  He used racing as a “distraction” from his illness and its treatments.  He used racing as a way to heal in mind, body and character.  Signing up for races gave him hope that he would be well enough to be there; and he did a lot of racing.  He kept fighting until the machines and medicine could no longer help.  David passed away on June 7th in the company of his parents. (I Ride for David photo on the back of my jersey) The image on the back of my jersey was how his parents chose to announce his passing. [moment of silence]

IMG_20190803_090811I Ride for DavidThe slogan I Ride for David was originally created by his parents as a “battle cry” of hope, celebrating David’s tenacity, persistence and “stick-with-it-ness”. It spread throughout the cycling community. [Show I Ride for David on Alejandro’s jersey, signs at race venues]  Today, the meaning of I Ride for David has changed to show ongoing support for David’s family and a reminder to them of the impact David made on many lives.

Remembering David:  As a team, today we will be signing a Colonial Revolution race plate to send to David’s parents.  We want them to know that we strive to receive the compliment,  “You ride like David!”  I hope you now know that this statement means that you are being strong in the face of a challenge.  May we all be thankful for our health, our ability to ride our bikes, our cycling communities, and our Colonial Revolution family.

IMG_20190803_091625Coach Mike presents Brooke with a pair of I Ride for David! socks.  Brooke is being recognized for exhibiting characteristics of David Carey.  She graciously welcomed a new teammate by volunteering to ride with and encouraging her.  Brooke did not get to ride her usual ride, but instead focused on being an ambassador for cycling and helping to build community.

Carey family, more sock recipients will be posted soon.  David will not be forgotten!  Our youth are striving to be like him.


Meet more student-athletes who “Ride like David!”