I Ride for David!

As the Colonial Revolution family, riders, coaches and parents, gathered at the labyrinth at York River State Park for their pre-ride meeting, sophomore rider, Parker, introduced David Carey and Coach Mike shared how Colonial Revolution will show their support the Carey Family.

IMG_20190803_091326Life Story:  To me, cycling, especially through NICA, is a sport that teaches the importance of not only sportsmanship, but shows the value of community, camaraderie, team building, and family. Speaking of community, I would like to bring attention to someone who has made a monumental impact on the cycling community.


DavidThis is David Carey.  In this photo, he is 14 years old.  His family is from Virginia Beach.  His passion for cycling rivals that of any 14 year old that I know.  He is known all across Virginia for his road cycling, beginning at an early age, Cyclocross and volunteered in the junior version of the Tour De France in Quebec.  As he wrote in an essay back in January of 2017, he liked to race bikes, and I quote, “[Because] I get to race against people my age and older.  I also get to test my strength and stamina.  [I also] get to see my teammates and make new friends.”

We all know how challenging it is to build strength and stamina.  The difference here is that David was battling “an epic bout” of recurring childhood leukemia.  He used racing as a “distraction” from his illness and its treatments.  He used racing as a way to heal in mind, body and character.  Signing up for races gave him hope that he would be well enough to be there; and he did a lot of racing.  He kept fighting until the machines and medicine could no longer help.  David passed away on June 7th in the company of his parents. (I Ride for David photo on the back of my jersey) The image on the back of my jersey was how his parents chose to announce his passing. [moment of silence]

IMG_20190803_090811I Ride for DavidThe slogan I Ride for David was originally created by his parents as a “battle cry” of hope, celebrating David’s tenacity, persistence and “stick-with-it-ness”. It spread throughout the cycling community. [Show I Ride for David on Alejandro’s jersey, signs at race venues]  Today, the meaning of I Ride for David has changed to show ongoing support for David’s family and a reminder to them of the impact David made on many lives.

Remembering David:  As a team, today we will be signing a Colonial Revolution race plate to send to David’s parents.  We want them to know that we strive to receive the compliment,  “You ride like David!”  I hope you now know that this statement means that you are being strong in the face of a challenge.  May we all be thankful for our health, our ability to ride our bikes, our cycling communities, and our Colonial Revolution family.

IMG_20190803_091625Coach Mike presents Brooke with a pair of I Ride for David! socks.  Brooke is being recognized for exhibiting characteristics of David Carey.  She graciously welcomed a new teammate by volunteering to ride with and encouraging her.  Brooke did not get to ride her usual ride, but instead focused on being an ambassador for cycling and helping to build community.

Carey family, more sock recipients will be posted soon.  David will not be forgotten!  Our youth are striving to be like him.


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